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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Given the previous paragraph what I find unproductive is being confronted by vegans so militant they’d think it appropriate to scream at a farmer for sitting down to milk a cow as though he were a grinning thug who just kicked a puppy and was about kick another. Yes, milk has nutritional value, which is why ALL new-born mammals drink their mother’s up to weening. I tried to find the source of this 2003 study to see where it was done and the particular reporting criteria it was based on. Pretending otherwise is foolish. I know, I know…I’m strung out on the moo-juice! But Alvin, just because you can do something doesn’t make it right to do so. Even when equated for accuracy, there are differences between the 30 g/day phase and the 60 g/day phases. I asked: Do you admit there is a difference between “factory farming” and humane non-factory dairying? For example, replace 30 g of butter with 30 g of olive oil. That plant matter that those burping herbivores are eating would have decayed from some other process that would have produced equal amounts of CO2 and those plants being devoured makes way for new plants to grow which will then again absorb equal amounts of CO2 and give off O2. It’s shown us that just because an idea becomes mainstream, the majority of people can be wrong. The muscle meat was likely consumed as “filler”. However what I am more than happy to discuss are the standard cruel practices which are routine in the industrialised exploitation of animals. Others will have to make their own minds up about the research on this subject. of cheese a year per person. When plants decay, the organism “eating” the plant absorbs O2 to break down the sugars and give off CO2 as waste. If you live in America then maybe you don’t get to hear about the realities of climate change as much the rest of the world does, so maybe I could make some allowance for your ignorance on this critically important and deeply worrying subject. “Developed world.” Badger, would you try to “sell” the Maasai (or Mongols) on giving up their dairying cattle? I’ve been debating this with DG for some time now. The environmental harm caused by animal farming is well documented and scientifically accepted. They would go where then? Not for me of course since I’m an “unnatural” milk-drinking, non-poop eating toilet-flusher. Normal science is part of a job. It would probably change your life for the better. Either that or your ancestors never kept herd animals for meat or milk because it’s not part of your own history or ancestry – in which case you’d have what right to insist I adapt to your dietary demands? And yet, there you go again… So I’ll ask once more: Do you define the “naturalness” of human activity by what other animals do? Two years ago I discovered that butter — more precisely, substitution of butter for pork fat — made me... Bastian Greshake Tzovaras, director of research at the Open Humans project, shares an overview of TwArχiv, his web application that allows users to explore and analyze their own Twitter archive in detail. I was alive when the great advice was to each high-carb. Saying that humane non-“factory” dairy farms can’t exist today is of course asinine – they do. It’s quite a picture. How many human field workers – who themselves inevitably add to GHG by their mere presence in a region where they drive cars, or use mass transportation, burden infrastructure, use state services, consume electricity – are needed in the fields to pick your fruit and veggies? I measure my arithmetic speed  (how fast I do simple arithmetic problems, such as 3+ 4) daily. And since bacteria and animals have evolved to be able to eat trees, we’re never going to have all that CO2 packed away buried in the Earth again.”. Your response: “B: I’m simply stating some well-known points of contention without wanting to waste my time making points I have already made on this site… keep up”. (31)”, So, “similar rates of breast cancer in women eating a low-fat diet and in those eating a “regular” diet. I also think about the vikings, they were a herding culture. Butter burns before coconut oil does, so if you still haven't learned how to cook and are burning stuff, stick with the coconut oil and reserve butter for, say, finishing a steak, or a pad or two of butter on hot vegetables. I can still hear my mom warning me not to put too much butter on my pancakes. of butter per year was not unreasonable. Sorry, that’s a very strange and slightly disturbing thing to say. No amount of butter was going to help this…”. Likewise, I discovered the effect in Berkeley. Do you deny the importance and role of cholesterol in the body? Take the website -butter makes your pants fall off . It occurs to me that in their “natural” state, calves of “free” wild ruminants are very often “separated from their mothers at an unnaturally young age”. But when I ride my mountain bike and jump up and down curbs or surf or ski or fly aerobatics, Like you I wasn’t brought up vegan. How much diesel needs to be burned to harvest a row of corn, wheat or soybeans? I’d love to simply “agree” with people like Badger… If it could be guaranteed from then on that my daily supply of cow products (milk, butter, cheese, yogurt, meat, liver…) would continue thenceforth uninterrupted. Americans eat far too much heavily-processed unnatural food : pizza, bread, corn chips, carbs, sugar (which burns out the pancreas leading to Type 2 diabetes) and when they do eat meat it’s not fresh and grass-fed, it’s cured and preserved and low in nutrients and buried inside a fast-food burger and “gorged” along with fries and a sugary shake or soda. - What's your cholesterol like? Enough of that. You’re just posting your personal views. Whatever number is still alive down the road in the future would be wild and “free” and living in Nature – where their numbers would be held in check by natural predation, which will include from time to time the young being stalked and killed and eaten (as seen on countless nature programs) without which of course, they would multiply to the point where they would outstrip their living space’s capacity to sustain them and then begin to die off due to starvation. Ask questions and share knowledge with the QS community. Is English not your first language? That is a major truckload of butter! A: You have no credibility or credentials here that make you superior to anyone. cheese, ice cream, fatty meat). I asked: What would you do with the ‘vast numbers’ of domestic cattle we have on hand now? A: “There are a number of points of contention regarding milk consumption both on this site and on the wider internet.” Really? Hey that’s yer natural order at work. A: And of course I don’t contribute to “green house gases” by funding the monoculture Agri-businesses that depend so intensely on mechanized harvesting and processing. You have entered an incorrect email address! Milk being according to you “unnecessary, unfit, improper, genocidal”, etc thus quite, quite wrong for human consumption. “Vast numbers of cows are purposefully breed and kept captive, against their will, on dairy farms.”, “Artificial insemination, routine in the dairy industry, is a terribly invasive and stressful procedure.”, But if you take away artificial insemination then farmers will have no way to sustain or multiply their herds and all cattle-keeping and dairying will have to disappear! Everyone can see you’re running from answering the question. When I changed over to my present diet which appears to be very “Mongolian”, I certainly felt better. Why is it the longest lived people on Earth with the fewest cardiovascular problems also have the highest blood serum cholesterol? Credibility is based on and backed up by scientific research and facts, not some mystical mumbo-jumbo which inspires someone to eat just red meat for 40+ days straight claiming it’s a healthy thing to do. All that CO2 that was abosrbed by those trees was never released back out into the atmosphere. Instead of being used for veal, male calves are raised to maturity to produce Organic Pasture’s 100% grass-fed ground beef.”. The change in error rates raised the possibility that the speed changes were due to movement along a speed-accuracy tradeoff function (rather than to genuine improvement, which would correspond to a shift in the function). I collected this data outside of a lab using cheap equipment (a Thinkpad laptop running Windows XP). On a 2,000 calorie diet, this equates to 11–13 g of saturated fat per day. My fridge is stocked with milk, cheese, butter and liver. It’s like saying on a scale of suffering, nine is better than ten. Put butter on toast. Or is it “all the same” in your judgment? And then along comes Badger… preaching: “It’s not possible!…it can’t be…not without factory farms and torturing animals!” Tosh. But in the dairy industry it does happen that calves are slaughtered, albeit far more humanely than by lions’ claws and wolves’ teeth. I don’t know. A: I didn’t want to “revisit” this, you did, by regurgitating an old claim about how mankind’s dairying is inherently brutal to calves – as opposed to gentle and merciful Nature. Manipulative yes, but definitely not dumb. People in our past ate quite a bit of butter. So, into a calf or on the ground it goes. 4. Compared to a 60 g/0 g experiment, this experiment (60 g/30 g) has less variation in other food. I can’t believe you are incapable of working this out. Both my uncles and my father. That’s where you and I differ. Not at all. In the wild? I peek through my curtains and catch a capped figure dressed in uniform white dropping off three gallons of full fat whole milk: the “hard stuff”… on my front porch. It’s probably the healthiest thing you’ve been eating each morning. To do this they are regularly artificially inseminated (raped) by humans, while pinned in a rack, against their will of course. Oh, agony of Faustus! Put butter on everything. Why am I hardly surprised? I lost excess weight and found my six pack. I have rescued dogs, cats (and I don’t just mean taken them in for the night, I mean like off of the middle of a busy highway), I have fed and raised baby birds and set them free to fly away when they were ready. If they don’t do it, we shouldn’t either? As for the horrors of vegetable abuse and exploitation, this website may just help in understanding the comparison you make with animal cruelty 😉 vegetable cruelty .com. A: You never answered what you would do with the “vast numbers of cows” currently kept for meat and milk. If someone is allergic to peanuts… don’t force them to eat peanuts. So I’ll just leave you with the most important thought: Your cholesterol is likely very high (whatever it may be) and you need to lower it. you would get an intelligent well-studied answer on any subject – like climate change. It’s worse than that. Unless you can quote me a reliable source that’s just not true? Again, this advice has shown to be unhealthy for your brain. It is a meal. What someone has told you or what nature develops and regulates within you as a healthy individual? Sometimes this “delivery” man sees me and gives a wave. However, in adults, the percentage of calories consumed from total fat appears to have no significant association with cancer risk, and there is currently no clear evidence linking any specific type of fat with cancer incidence.”, On Breast Cancer it says: “In the early 1980s, most nutrition experts believed that dietary fat was a major cause of breast cancer. behind where their food comes from? I’m sure I have. So no more cattle there. Even Badgers. To think you mistakenly thought I was getting at Third Worlders. Couldn’t really find out how they met the supposed requirement for Vitamin C. Meanwhile, months are going by…which turns into years… and I’m eating no fruits and no vegetables…I think out of boredom or because I saw someone around me enjoying it…I had an orange – about 2 years ago. Because I benefited personally, this was easy. Why am I hardly surprised? Speaking about heart disease, the Harvard article recommends “the Mediterranean Diet” because it includes “extra-virgin olive oil or nuts, both rich sources of unsaturated fat” then points out below: “This study highlighted that low-fat diets are continuing to lose credibility, and that incorporating healthy fats – such as those included in the Mediterranean diet – can improve heart health.”. I felt alright strengthwise and held my weight but my innards were not happy. My endurance increased and mental acuity improved. Are you a macro counter? Dairy farming generates significant GHG emissions and is, in part, responsible for the alarming rate of global warming. There’s a solution! In so far as it is the expression of the “National Aeronautics and Space Administration” – they “administer” space. I care about animals, too. You wrote “One of the greatest threats to health on long sea voyages was scurvy, a potentially fatal disease caused by a deficiency of vitamin C, normally sourced from fresh fruit and vegetables. of butter less per year! Join national, international, and local QS events. I personally go with the scientists. Do you really believe that the world’s dairy cow population can be fed on grass? 05/16/2020 13:34 Subject: Re:How much Butter per day is ok for a 13 year old. The recommended serving of almonds according to a one ounce per day system is about 23, which makes sense if you consider that three ounces of almonds would add almost 500 calories to your daily intake. B: You sound bitter and uneducated making comments like that. For cheese, I eat about 3-4 slices of cheddar cheese per day. The Great Depression hit and then World War II, with these events causing a steep decline in butter consumption with a concurrent rise in margarine use. A: “Artificial insemination, routine in the dairy industry, is a terribly invasive and stressful procedure.” But if you take away artificial insemination then farmers will have no way to sustain or multiply their herds and all cattle-keeping and dairying will have to disappear! For a long time I ate 60 g of butter (= 4 tablespoons = half a stick) per day. Butter consumption collapsed, yet incidences of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer skyrocketed. Aren’t we supposed to reduce our carbon footprint? That’s not an argument. 1. A sample menu that sailors aboard the USS Constitution notes that sailors ate 4 oz. And if that didn’t work would you resort to force to get them to “go vegan”? Is this misery really justified when there are plant based alternatives to butter?? Unsalted. Do some research before trying to defend the indefensible. A: Of course not. I believe he and another volunteer went about a year on that diet and showed that carbs were unnecessary. Provisions reported on-board the British Sloop ALERT – 1777, a sloop of 60 men for 4 months: (Source). Do you have “absolutely no need” for cow’s milk? “Do you understand that the CO2 that is released from “burping herbivores” comes from the process of the sugars in the plant material breaking down? Go for it Alvin! And they show that sailors ate a lot of dairy. But you can start reminding yourself when you eat butter that it’s good for you: Eating fat is a necessary part of a healthy diet, Butter is probably the healthiest thing I can eat in the morning. So they did not decay. Everything I need must be in the milk, butter, cheese, liver and meat that I eat. Before I collected this data, I put considerable work into these measurements. That’ll make ya healthy. …and I think I am being generous to the “butter is good” brigade DO SOME RESEARCH… – I have …BEFORE YOU START MOCKING DAIRY FARMERS – Behave!! They note that “However, there are similarities that define a Mediterranean eating pattern including: – High intake of olive oil, nuts, vegetables, fruits, and mainly whole grain cereals – Moderate intake of fish and poultry – Low intake of dairy products, red meat, processed meats, and sweets – Wine in moderation, consumed with meals”. To get the health benefits of butter, you should be eating much more butter that you are today. That’s the argument right there! You have to eat a wider amount of vegetable, grains, etc to get the same nutrition as in meat or dairy which begs the naturalness of it. I collected and analyzed the data with R (free). What you thinking Alvin? “Developed world.” Badger, would you try to “sell” the Maasai (or Mongols) on giving up their dairying cattle? I’m just trying to picture someone like you – an effete and “developed” First Worlder – overseeing the confiscation of African cattle from African natives. But regarding cows and grass and “greenhouse gases”, I found this response someone wrote on this issue: “Do you understand that the CO2 that is released from “burping herbivores” comes from the process of the sugars in the plant material breaking down? Was that optimal? In the 1960s my friend and co-author Saul Sternberg, a professor of psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, introduced better-designed reaction-time experiments to study cognition. “One of the top premium butters in America, ” says its website, quoting Food & Wine magazine  This experiment used a cheaper less-lauded butter (Land O’Lakes). Just look it up and read it. It’s hard to break habits or thinking once it’s been ingrained in our minds. Butter is not bad for you, it’s actually a superfood. I know that’s a hard concept for you, that someone could feel unconditional compassion towards other beings, enough to stop using and abusing them. How long they’d live in a “zoo”? ‘Hate’ is a strong word which you have chosen to use. The good part about Brazil nuts is that they are rich in potassium which improves sleep. A: “Farmed animals are exploited as a resource and processed accordingly on production lines in factories.” I’m right there with ya. Being that there used to be 80 million buffalo roaming the plains of central N. America, i think we are making progress. Would this lessen his crime? Not that you’ll entertain such inquiry, but here it is for everyone else: THC is in your entire batch of butter or oil. I got this notification of a new post here when my phone buzzed but I was so busy raping and pillaging that I didn’t have a chance at first to read your comment of June 14. If they don’t do it, we shouldn’t either? I could care less what an idiot like him/her/it thinks and I don’t care to educate the masses who’ve swallowed all the líes put out in the 20th Century. Is that clear enough? Concern for animals is important and organizations dedicated to protecting them are worthwhile and necessary. How hard can that be to get a definite answer from you? Your weekly milk bill must be way lower than mine. Someone also with a “vested interest”? So you have at it, Badger. I care about animals and their suffering too. Does everyone here eat that much? The reason CO2 is constantly increasing for us is because when trees evolved there was nothing that could consume them, there weren’t even any bacteria that were adapted to eating the dead trees. they would live out their lives, die off and be gone. I’m sure you must have heard of ‘supply and demand’? I get the distinct impression that you are a bit of a bully, don’t think things through properly and really don’t care much about animals, but hey, you just keep laughing at me big man and sleep easy, Excellent points Alvin, My faith in humanity has been restored. found in fish, avocado, nuts, sunflower, canola and olive oils) are preferable to saturated fats (e.g. As this was addressed before: “McAfee found that 70% of the time cows would leave their young to be eaten by coyotes or be trampled, as their maternal instinct had long been bred out of them after generations of never having to fend for themselves, or their young.”, “Mark prefers to put his calves in group pens, raise them on real milk, and then release them back into the herd once they reach seven to eight months of age. And the reverse is true for those with the lowest? Our archive of hundreds of self-tracking projects. (28, 29) This thinking was largely based on international comparisons showing higher breast cancer rates in countries with higher per capita fat intake. Unsaturated fats (e.g. Was the red meat and dairy suggested as being a possible cancer cause here the store-bought, homogenized, conventional corn-fed feedlot stuff or the grass-fed organic kind? Don’t you remember California dairyman Mark McAfee who you called “dumb Mark”? They would go where then? I, like you Alvin, am also lactose tolerant. I am EXTOLLING the relationship between dietary fat and cholesterol in the body. Taken away from you? I can’t believe you are incapable of working this out. All that CO2 that was abosrbed by those trees was never released back out into the atmosphere. of butter per year was not unreasonable. My ancestors, and their neighbors… and the tribes and nations in which they lived and survived and functioned and thrived, ate meat and drank milk and made cheese…generation after generation… and did so quite successfully millennium after millennium – all without factory farming. Your response: “B: Farmed animals are “purposefully breed” (I did say this!) Speed of change. They turned out to be far more sensitive than the usual methods, which involved measuring percent correct. How could they live on meat and milk without factory farms? If you use a couple tbsp of butter and couple tbsp of oil, that’s a good 400 calories. Alvin has made some great points and generated some great discussion. See how that works? Our almond butter has 55.8g fat, 5.9g carbs, and 25.1g per 100g. And not all of the Western world “which gorges on foods high in saturated fats is riddled with heart disease, strokes, diabetes”. Butter continued to decrease in the American diet throughout the 1950’s – 1980’s. If they drank shakes, what was in those shakes to sweeten them? The Serengeti, perhaps? Then you’ll calculate how many mgs. After all, cows are bred specifically to spend their short life producing milk for humans. Let’s oppose and stop mistreatment of animals in these “factory farms” and instead support those farmers that are humane. Instead you informed us about the “availability of 20,000 products in stores” where people can “buy whatever the hell they like”. I measure my arithmetic speed  (how fast I do simple arithmetic problems, such as 3+ 4) daily. Your word? 8. “Live on bread and wheat” and whole grain we were told. I’m sure I did. A: “So without wanting to revisit these specifics…”. I looked at what the Mongols ate. If you had talked to an engineer like my father or like Burt Rutan…. Eating poop – sometimes your own – is perfectly “natural”. If your a warrior, you need to be fit. Our natural, skin-on, roasted almond butter contains 612 calories per 100g. Butter Consumption = 4 oz per week = 208 oz. ”. Let’s also not forget that billions of people around the world are in fact lactose intolerant and cannot consume milk into adulthood without feeling ill. And I would have gotten away with it …if it weren’t for you meddling kids!! A: It occurs to me that in their “natural” state, calves of “free” wild ruminants are very often “separated from their mothers at an unnaturally young age”. A: Do you deny the importance and role of cholesterol in the body? People at more butter and dairy products in the past and had healthy lives. You’re just posting your personal views. I think we will look back on the 20th century as an example of what happens when take food advice to the extreme – fat is a necessary part of a healthy diet, You know Dairy Guy that my main objection relates to the exploitation and undeniable cruelty that is routine in animal farming. Is almond butter a good food for muscle building and increasing lean mass? If differences between conditions were due to differences in speed-accuracy tradeoff, then the points for different days should lie along a single downward-sloping line. There is more to learn. The European Union is actually much higher with a whopping 1.5 million tons (note the “million” before tons) of butter consumed annually. The vast majority of us, particularly in the developed world, have absolutely no need to consume cow’s milk for survival anymore; it is a choice erroneously sold to the masses as being natural, normal and necessary. Yeah. If you’re interested in getting more fat and nutrients in a portable condensed package (other than cheese) there are a couple places online that sell pemmican bars. Between us, Badger, I think your problem is far more with Nature herself than with me. Due to a change in demand there are essentially two possible scenarios – at either end of the spectrum – that would reduce the “supply” of domestic cows to zero: 1) A gradual reduction in demand which would mean that the number of animals being milked or consumed for food would decrease to zero over a longer period of time. I haven’t seen enough good science to support the claims. And I am so totally at peace with that…, You ask: “Do you deny that too much LDL cholesterol is bad?”. You do what you want, in fact Badger, if you haven’t already, run out to your doctor and get a long-term prescription for statins. Wait – I’m already doing just that. How do we know you aren’t in the nut “milk”, soy “milk” business yourself or hired by them to assault your direct competition – the dairy milk providers? Butter has always been a staple in the American diet. Badger, go to YouTube and watch “Fat Head – the movie” or “Saturated Fat & Cholesterol Lies”. Then I ate 30 g/day for several days. 2-3 tablespoons of butter a day isn't anything to worry about, really. Pretending otherwise is foolish. Male calves are surplus to requirements in the dairy industry, so routinely destroyed. You should not deny until you try. Just because they took it with them doesn’t mean it was good for them. But in my past I have tried a few different diets. Even though we can consciously know that butter is healthy, it’s still hard to think of butter as a good thing. "Peanut butter is a great source of magnesium and potassium, two minerals that help to control blood pressure and balance sodium," she shared with The List . Those three Western countries have some of the highest consumption of saturated animal fat from meat and dairy, the highest blood cholesterol levels and also the lowest rates of cardiovascular disease (CVD) worldwide. What about the vitamins and minerals in almond butter? Unlike you, I do not believe animals are objects meant for humans to exploit. Anonymous: These no such thing as too much butter, lol! That is a process that WILL occur no matter how that plant material is broken down. Since this was a study by the (American) National Cancer Institute it would be correct to assume that these were American women and not French, Swiss or Spanish, correct? And making the adjustment is EASY! Put butter on pancakes. Life is too short for me to try and educate you on this. found in fatty meat, butter, palm and coconut oil, cream, cheese, ghee and lard). It’s understandable – since it is a government-funded outfit. Try to limit your peanut butter intake to one serving per day (two tablespoons), and make sure to count those 190 calories toward your daily caloric quota. DG does at least try to use some scientific and historical info to support his views. Our society has been conditioned into believing that butter is not part of a healthy life. Consuming dairy products may or may not have health benefits, but one thing’s for sure, it is massively unhealthy for the dairy cows that are forced to produce milk for their greedy human owners. --- Elyse wrote: Not including whats in my food I need to add about 13 tablespoons of oils, butter or ghee. Fat intake can be reduced by: limiting the consumption of foods containing high amounts of saturated fats (e.g. So “I can’t believe it’s not butter” goes extinct. A valid concern- I can confidently say that today’s dairy cow lives a better life than any time in history. Like “Yes, what animals do is “natural” thus we should do exactly as they do”. Almond butter for muscle building. Now that we are burning them, that is exactly what is happening. Before these results, I had no reason to think 60 g/day was better than 30 g/day. Have a read of this (if DG allows it)… I trust that a Harvard Institute piece on ‘Dietary Fat and Disease’ is a credible enough source for you?? I have liver once a week – right up near the limit that I’m told might cause Vitamin A toxicity. Quoting the diets of 18th century sailors as proof of the health benefits of butter is laughable. Today it’s a French raw milk cheese from Nantua. How do we know you aren’t otherwise employed in some way by the vegan-products industry? None at all. The farmer does this purely for his own gain as you have so aptly pointed out, thank you. But my eyelashes are coming in longer and darker, my gray hairs are getting less gray. How charming of you to do so, but I suspect he is more than capable of speaking for himself. Comparing the 30 g/day results with the combination of earlier and later 60 g/day results, t = 3, p = 0.006. Check it out… I can’t believe how much utter tosh you speak Alvin! Work out how much of it you can get into your calorie goals and go for it. Something that makes your bones stronger may take months or years to be fully effective. When lions and tigers and wolves and other predators act naturally and hunt them and tear them apart and eat them.

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